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Anti Bullying

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors


What is an Anti-Bullying Ambassador?

Job Description

We are looking for very enthusiastic and keen young people to be Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

(ABA) to represent the school. The role of the ABA leader, is to take up the responsibility of leading within the ABA Team to support Anti-Bullying work.



As an Anti-Bullying Ambassador (ABA);

You will be responsible for leading your anti -bullying team in the school    

You will be required to lead within the ABA team by completing activities and tasks in school.    

You will work with the ABA team, so that you can inspire other young people in the school to tackle bullying. 


Essential Requirements

An ABA Leader is someone who….       

Is enthusiastic about tackling bullying in their school.      

Is a positive role model and leader to fellow peers     

Is committed and dedicated to working in the ABA Team.    

Is knowledgeable on the subject of Bullying.                                                           


Person Specification

An ABA is someone who…        

Has excellent communication skills, verbal and written.       

Is punctual and dedicated to anti-bullying

Is pro-active in tackling bullying

Is confident in their role as a Leader.


If you are interested in becoming an Anti-Bullying Ambassador please see Mrs Sembhy

Elizabeth Kun,
20 Dec 2017, 03:46