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Example work by Jake Kittle

#  All about my work.... to my work is about what i do in lessons i want write about ICT. In ICT we made our game or app but mine is about mine craft i did hard work in lessons and try to finish it of and i did half of the work to like finish it off and i put loads of hard work to put into it,and my best with my ICT teacher called miss Sangha. But Mr Gilsenan helped me in some lessons with my website and how to do it and this is my work that i would like to show you,but if you you can rate me and that is a pleasure . But if you like it you can ask me at school if you like my work or website. but i think that i should do a bit more in my work and how i use it and it is awesome when you try your very best getting everything right and make sure that i should finish everything first. my work put a lot of hard work to finish it of and get everything finished first. and I hard work to start and finish it of but I know that I had to do it before the lessons idea. my other lesson is in maths in maths we do maths things but we use our books and do a lot of work in our maths books and my teacher is called miss barrow and she is the best maths teacher ever. also I have done loads of work in my maths book in my lesson and it is the best lesson ever and I love the lesson writing in my math book but my maths teacher always helps me if I am stuck in my maths book and she gives us a starter sheet and I get straight on with it. but I have the best lesson and the best teacher in maths and it is the best maths lesson I have done and like the maths homework that we get in miss barrows lesson and she is very kind to other students in my maths class. in my other maths class with Mr Elvie and he is very funny but he can be strict sometimes and I had a fun  lesson with Mr Elvie and I did loads of work in my maths book. although all of the lesson's are very good but my favourite is ICT because you have things to do on the laptop's at firth park academy but some lessons are good but some are not. Next I would talk about English but in English first we read our books as we get into class we read about 15 minutes and my English teacher is miss madden and she is the best English teacher ever and if I am stuck on anything I put my hand up and then she helps me also she is sometimes strict but sometimes she is kind. but she is a teacher that sorts out different lesson's for me and my class mates but what ever work I have been given I get on with but some of it is hard work for me and my class mates but they can get on with their work sometimes but sometimes they don't get on with their work in class but I love maths because it is my favourite lesson with my English teacher. I am know going to talk about graphics in graphics we do different things even making menu's and last week we made Christmas cards to our best teacher or best friend but I did it to Ahmed a Christmas card and he was my friend a bit but some times a lot. although that lesson was so astonishing and very awesome and this is very amusing and the lesson's are so amazing and I love my website work and I feel dexterous and it is smashing.

#Jake kittle 7AC