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GCSE Results Information

This is the first year that students have sat some of the new GCSE qualifications. The results your child will receive this summer will be a mix of letter grades and number grades. Both types of grade count towards entry into college and employment.

Below is a summary of which qualifications will be in the new 9-1 format and how these grades compare to the old A*-G grades.

New grades – 9-1

English Language
English Literature

Grade 9 is the highest grade, and is better than a current A* Grade.
Grade 1 is the lowest grade and similar to a current G Grade.

Although the grades are not directly comparable, there are three points that are equivalent:
- The bottom of a grade 7 is equivalent to the bottom of a grade A
- The bottom of a grade 4 is equivalent to the bottom of a grade C
- The bottom of a grade 1 is equivalent to the bottom of a grade G

Importantly, a Grade 4 is considered a ‘standard pass’. Anyone who does not achieve a Grade 4 in English and/or Maths will have to resit these qualifications at college.

You may hear figures quoted in the media of the number or percentage of students with a Grade 5 or above. A Grade 5 is considered a ‘strong pass’ and is a measure that will be used to judge schools.
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