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Parent and Community Advisory Board (PCAB)

We are an advisory body who are a full and formal part of the Trust’s governance structure.

Our Goals:

·        Community: To strengthen links between our school, our parents and our wider community of businesses and charities in order to improve the opportunities we offer students at our school

·        Concerns: To represent the voice of the academy in order to communicate positively with all stakeholders, addressing concerns and proposing solutions

·        Celebration: Championing the success of our school, promoting the reputation of our school and students        

Our Qualities:

Communication - Creativity - Positivity - Problem-solving

Our role:

Alumni: To continue a connection with our successful past students through social media (Academy Twitter and Facebook) in order to benefit from their skills and celebrate their success
 Award-winning: To nominate the students, staff and parents at our school for local and National Awards, securing funding for any awards/opportunities
Fundraising: Running and encouraging fundraising events which benefit our students and bring our whole community together
Listening and learning: Gathering parent, student and community voice on the reputation of the academy
Networking: Establishing connections to city-wide stakeholders for work experience, careers talks
Parental Awareness: Promoting initiatives and campaigns relating to personal development, behaviour and welfare
Participating on panels: Participating on complaint, exclusion or staff disciplinary panels as required
Responding to community concerns: Creating proactive responses ‘you said …, so we did …’
Our plans for recruitment of:
 Parents: Write to all parents of Gold Learner status students (reflective of outstanding attendance, attitude and aspiration
 Community members: Headhunt individuals with skills and connections that will benefit our school

Operating a PCAB size of no less than 3 and no more than 10 members

Meeting once every half term

Next meeting is Tuesday 24th April

Training events:


A standing agenda item and safeguarding training prior to any in-school day academy visits

Exclusion Panel Training

Bespoke – based on observing an actual panel prior to then serving on one

School system and processes refresher

Lead on an academy learning walk in the first term of every year

Purpose and activities:

All PCAB members will be involved in:

Listening and learning - Parental awareness - 

Participating on panels - Responding to community concerns

PCAB members will then focus in particular on identified aspects of our role:

Alumni                 Award-winning                Fundraising        Networking

Jean Duclonat


Melissa Lightfoot

 Community Partner

Elijah Kibutu


Gaby Spinks



PCAB members will undertake at least one in-school day visit to the Academy each year to gather staff and student voice on the reputation of the academy and / or on an identified focus area of interest. Producing a report on the visit (like the example included in the Appendix).

Please contact Dean Jones (Principal) for more information  - 

To express your interest please fill in this form and return to our reception

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